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At Open A Boutique – ONLINE, I am committed to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the EXACT knowledge they need to create a successful online business, immediately. Not in weeks or months or years. Today!

I’ve been to business school. I’ve also owned every type of business there is. From brick and mortar retail boutiques to online jewelry stores, consulting, ice cream franchises, salons, fixer real estate, blogs, auto repair, vending – you name it – I’ve done it.

But when I discovered online business…WOW I was sold. No more hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and risk to get open, employee hassles, theft, overhead, etc. I was done!

I started my first online business in 2001 and since then I’ve owned several. I will show you how to open your online business today – step by step so you can get it finished this time.

I’ve tried all the training so I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what platforms so use and why and where all teh FREE information is for you to get extra help. I never stop learning. It’s what I love and keeps me excited for life. I consider it fait you landed on my website today. Let’s work together and make your online business dream come true.


I never knew starting my own business could be this easy! The resources here are a game-changer.
Laurie really knows what she’s talking about. I purchased the course, cleared my calendar and dedicated myself for two days. I did it – my online business is up and running and I’m making money.
I’ve done so much online training and most is such a waste. This training was amazing and I highly recommend it if you really want to start an easy, online boutique business.